Would Joan Crockatt agree or google?

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Inspired by Joan Crockatt’s performance during the November 24th all-candidates forum for Monday’s by-election in Calgary Centre. I wonder if she would agree or go to Google for an answer?

Video: The Democracy I Used to Know

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Inspired by our favourite Canadian Comedian, Ian rants about the need for accountability and oversight in the Alberta Senate nominee election. In particular, Ian voices his concern with Wildrose candidates that are raising only provincial issues in their run for a federal senate position.

Video – Ian on Renewable Energy

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The Next Alberta sees the world’s energy economy at a turning point. Albertans need to be proactive to ensure that renewable energy joins oil and gas as an important part of our energy future. About 85 percent of the electricity used in Alberta today comes from fossil fuels. Encouraging the use and development of renewable […]

Video – Ian on Investing in the Future

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Ian on Investing in the Future – Complete with his 1984 Macintosh computer (in full operation) and how it relates to Alberta today:

Feature Article – Edmonton Journal and Calgary Herald

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Ian Urquhart was featured in a great article on March 16th in the Edmonton Journal and Calgary Herald newspapers.  Ian talks about about his reasons for running for the senate and his concerns with the environment and democracy.  An excerpt: Urquhart said Friday he’s growing increasingly concerned that environmental issues are being marginalized and he […]