Keep the Promise – Fully Protect the Castle Parks

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In September 2015 Alberta’s Minister of Enviroment and Parks promised to “fully protect” the Castle. The government’s actions to date reflect a reluctance to fulfill that promise. For decades now Alberta’s provincial parks overwhelmingly have prohibited OHV/ATV use in parks. This is no different than what is the norm in state parks in Montana or […]

“The Highest Level of Transparency?” – Start with the Lukaszuk Letter

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During September 6th’s campus forum on the UofA’s budget mess the Acting Provost, Dr. Martin Ferguson-Pell, reportedly received some criticism about administration’s lack of transparency – the administration’s refusal to disclose the percentage cuts it was imposing on individual faculties this year. His audience was assured that transparency would improve. The UofA’s media scribes wrote: […]

107,588 Thank Yous!

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What better way to end these posts about the other Alberta election than to thank all of you who supported me on April 23rd (the final results were posted by Elections Alberta yesterday at There aren’t enough adjectives to use with respect to the support you showed – amazing, gratifying, humbling… I shout out these […]

Today’s Alberta Deserves A Senate Nominee With Multi-Party Appeal

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Throughout this campaign I’ve emphasized how hyper-partisanship plagues federal politics. What separates me from other candidates is that I stand for a truly non-partisan approach to politics. Unlike other Senate nominee candidates I stand for thinking seriously about issues instead of blindly following the party line with respect to what government should do to improve […]

“Don’t Get Fooled Again”: Can Conservatives Be Non-Partisans?

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With only four days left in the election campaigns it’s time to take a close look at the bill of goods Conservative Senate candidates are trying to sell you when it comes to their abilities to walk the talk about non-partisanship they like to use. The Senate is a partisan institution, they are running as […]

I Hope I Saw a Glimpse of the Future Tonight

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Tonight Edmonton’s NextGen and InterVivos sponsored Candi(date) – an interactive forum between candidates in the provincial/Senate nominee elections and electors. NextGen’s mandate makes me wish I was still somewhere in the 18 to 40 year old demographic they appeal to (OK, actually I would want to be an over 30 NextGen since the 19th Century […]

Hats off to the People of the Hat

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Everyone should run for public office. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get out and meet people, to hear and hopefully to listen to their concerns and their ambitions. Last Thursday I was able to spend most of the day in Medicine Hat. There I met people who are trying to increase the Hat’s vitality and […]

“Father Knows Best” and Alberta’s First Nations

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On Saturday Trish Audette wrote in the Edmonton Journal that environmental issues have been missing from the two election campaigns taking place now. She might also have said the same about First Nations. This omission is perhaps most glaring in the “other Alberta election,” for three coveted senator-in-waiting positions. Since this race is for a […]

In the City of 100 Hellos What Language Will Get Ottawa’s Attention?

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“It smells gross, doesn’t it.” Taylor, working Safeway’s express checkout, said that as I bought a snack for my drive back to Vulcan. She was talking about the smell from Lakeside’s beef processing operations. It’s especially pungent on a windy, drizzly evening like last Thursday night in Brooks. Before I stopped at Safeway I made […]

Video – Ian on Empowering Albertans

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This land was built on the democratic principles of public participation, debate, and dissent. Excessive partisanship, letting ideology trump fairness and common sense, destroys the people’s faith in politics and respect for public service. The Next Alberta makes public participation a priority.  As a University of Alberta professor, it’s never been more clear to me […]