Courted by Twelve Apostles

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I better get this post onto the website right away – before the list of Senate nominee candidates grows even longer. There was a time when I thought I would be one of seven candidates…so I’m glad to be writing about Twelve Apostles rather than about the Seven Dwarfs. Apostles are messengers. This Senate nominee […]

Let’s Make the Next Alberta “Texas North”

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No, this isn’t a post advocating that Alberta or Canada follows Texas and issue licenses allowing people to carry concealed handguns. It is, however, a post urging federal and provincial governments to follow our cousins to the south and promote more actively the development and use of renewable energy technologies. If you ask me what […]

Beggars, Afterthoughts, and Big Brother

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You don’t have to have Charles Dickens or George Orwell on your bookshelf to know that the idea of “power” tells us what a word like “beggar” or a phrase like “Big Brother” means. My dream of the Next Alberta stresses the importance of empowering Alberta’s communities and citizens. It’s a dream demanding that Big […]

Equality and Democracy: Harper’s Senate Reform Bill Ignores the Most Fundamental Kinds

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Bill C-7, the Harper government’s proposed Senate Reform Act, supposedly promotes democracy by encouraging provinces and territories to elect Senate nominees for the Prime Minister’s future consideration. However, C-7 turns a blind eye to shockingly anti-democratic and anti-egalitarian Senatorial qualification requirements from the 19th Century. To be a Canadian Senator you must be at least […]

What About the Other Calgaries?

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Many of us use labels to help us simplify a complex world. Handy though they are they too blind us to richer and subtler understandings of Alberta and her people. I found this out when I was in Calgary this past Friday (March 30th) talking about my dream of the Next Alberta. “Petroleum wealth” is […]

Yearning for ‘normal politics’ this spring – Lethbridge Herald article by Ian Urquhart

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My take on excessive partisanship and its’ effect on democracy in Alberta, Canada, and around the world. Click here to see a larger image Article courtesy the Lethbridge Herald

A Priceless Caffè Beano Moment

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Calgary’s Caffè Beano reminds me of the bar in Star Wars. Beings of all ages, backgrounds, and worlds come to Beano to sample its wonderful coffee, food, and ambience ( Kali, our youngest daughter, works there and I stopped by this past Saturday to say good morning and to ask if it would be ok […]

Would Stephen Colbert Vote Ian Urquhart for Senate?

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Let’s pretend. Stephen Colbert can vote in the Alberta Senate Nominee Election. Would he vote for me? I’m running without a party label because I believe partisanship in Canadian politics is rampant and toxic. I believe excessive partisanship is killing whatever faith people still have that politics may be about public service. Civility, compromise, and […]