Video – Ian on Investing in the Future

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Ian on Investing in the Future – Complete with his 1984 Macintosh computer (in full operation) and how it relates to Alberta today:

Courted by Twelve Apostles

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I better get this post onto the website right away – before the list of Senate nominee candidates grows even longer. There was a time when I thought I would be one of seven candidates…so I’m glad to be writing about Twelve Apostles rather than about the Seven Dwarfs. Apostles are messengers. This Senate nominee […]

Let’s Make the Next Alberta “Texas North”

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No, this isn’t a post advocating that Alberta or Canada follows Texas and issue licenses allowing people to carry concealed handguns. It is, however, a post urging federal and provincial governments to follow our cousins to the south and promote more actively the development and use of renewable energy technologies. If you ask me what […]

Beggars, Afterthoughts, and Big Brother

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You don’t have to have Charles Dickens or George Orwell on your bookshelf to know that the idea of “power” tells us what a word like “beggar” or a phrase like “Big Brother” means. My dream of the Next Alberta stresses the importance of empowering Alberta’s communities and citizens. It’s a dream demanding that Big […]

Equality and Democracy: Harper’s Senate Reform Bill Ignores the Most Fundamental Kinds

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Bill C-7, the Harper government’s proposed Senate Reform Act, supposedly promotes democracy by encouraging provinces and territories to elect Senate nominees for the Prime Minister’s future consideration. However, C-7 turns a blind eye to shockingly anti-democratic and anti-egalitarian Senatorial qualification requirements from the 19th Century. To be a Canadian Senator you must be at least […]

What About the Other Calgaries?

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Many of us use labels to help us simplify a complex world. Handy though they are they too blind us to richer and subtler understandings of Alberta and her people. I found this out when I was in Calgary this past Friday (March 30th) talking about my dream of the Next Alberta. “Petroleum wealth” is […]

Yearning for ‘normal politics’ this spring – Lethbridge Herald article by Ian Urquhart

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My take on excessive partisanship and its’ effect on democracy in Alberta, Canada, and around the world. Click here to see a larger image Article courtesy the Lethbridge Herald

A Priceless Caffè Beano Moment

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Calgary’s Caffè Beano reminds me of the bar in Star Wars. Beings of all ages, backgrounds, and worlds come to Beano to sample its wonderful coffee, food, and ambience ( Kali, our youngest daughter, works there and I stopped by this past Saturday to say good morning and to ask if it would be ok […]

Would Stephen Colbert Vote Ian Urquhart for Senate?

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Let’s pretend. Stephen Colbert can vote in the Alberta Senate Nominee Election. Would he vote for me? I’m running without a party label because I believe partisanship in Canadian politics is rampant and toxic. I believe excessive partisanship is killing whatever faith people still have that politics may be about public service. Civility, compromise, and […]

Feature Article – Edmonton Journal and Calgary Herald

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Ian Urquhart was featured in a great article on March 16th in the Edmonton Journal and Calgary Herald newspapers.  Ian talks about about his reasons for running for the senate and his concerns with the environment and democracy.  An excerpt: Urquhart said Friday he’s growing increasingly concerned that environmental issues are being marginalized and he […]