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“The Canadian Senate needs more independent Senators. Ian Urquhart promises not only independence, but a willingness to listen to all sides of every issue, which is one of the Senate’s main jobs. I am happy to endorse him, and hope that other Albertans will support him as the kind of senator they’d like the Prime Minister to appoint.”

The Honourable Elaine McCoy, QC
Independent Alberta Senator

“The next Alberta needs a thinking Senator. Vote for Ian Urquhart as Alberta’s next Senator to help develop Alberta’s natural heritage, renewable energy and strengthened communities. Alberta needs Ian Urquhart in public office.”

Hon. Douglas Roche O.C.
The Honourable Douglas Roche is a former Progressive Conservative MP, Senator, and Canadian Disarmament Ambassador to the United Nations

“I enthusiastically support Ian Urquhart for Senate. For over 30 years he has made great scholarly contributions and enriched public awareness of Alberta and Canada in areas of democratic participation, ecological stewardship and a balanced energy future.  As an independent Senator he will bring a much-needed non-partisan perspective to the vital issues affecting us all, our land and our future.  I know Ian to be a man of principle, passion and wisdom – the right person for our times in Ottawa.”

Dr. David Swann
Liberal MLA Candidate for Calgary Mountain View and former leader of the opposition

Sue Huff
Alberta Party MLA Candidate for Edmonton-Glenora

Messages from the campaign trail:

>>”You may not remember me, but I was one of your students in your “politics of Alberta” class at the UofA. I graduated with my polisci degree in 2009 and have since ran and sold out of my own company in oilfield maintenance. I am now a purchaser at a building construction company … I just wanted to say how suprised and excited I was to see your name on the list of those running for senate. Especially since the paper that I wrote for that class was on senate reform, a topic that has been very dear to me. Even though I have been a conservative member for as long as I have been able to vote, excessive partisanship in this province has driven me in another direction in the last while. I have read a fair amount of your work, and have to admit that I dont share all of your view points. However, I think your stances provide a much needed balancing to many issues dear to Alberta. I am going to be voting for you on that senate ballot and I think I have my wife convinced as well. We are voting special ballot because of absence from the province this month, so our votes are already on the way.” – Zach
>>”Ian, for what it is worth, I have decided I will be voting in the Senator in Waiting ‘elections’. Your thoughtful post to me tipped my decision. I also decided to send the attached email to a group of people who might also decide to vote and am talking up the ‘election’ with others. Good luck to you – I truly hope you are one of the ‘designated three’. It would give me pleasure to have one outcome on Monday to cheer.” – Karen