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Ian Urquhart was featured in a great article on March 16th in the Edmonton Journal and Calgary Herald newspapers.  Ian talks about about his reasons for running for the senate and his concerns with the environment and democracy.  An excerpt:

Urquhart said Friday he’s growing increasingly concerned that environmental issues are being marginalized and he was particularly disappointed when federal Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver dismissed environment groups as radicals.

Urquhart, who worked in Ottawa for Progressive Conservative MPs in the 1980s, said Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s “search-and-destroy” style has changed the political climate and is eroding the possibilities of finding compromise on major issues, such as pipelines or how to develop the oilsands in a sustainable way by working with oil companies also concerned about the environment.

“People need to be able to participate in the system, “ said Urquhart, the seventh candidate to declare for the election which will be held in conjunction with the upcoming provincial election.

“If there is serious dissent, it won’t go away and it’s better to engage it as part of the democratic process.”

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