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Tonight Edmonton’s NextGen and InterVivos sponsored Candi(date) – an interactive forum between candidates in the provincial/Senate nominee elections and electors. NextGen’s mandate makes me wish I was still somewhere in the 18 to 40 year old demographic they appeal to (OK, actually I would want to be an over 30 NextGen since the 19th Century Senate qualifications mean I couldn’t run for Senate if I was under 30).

“Edmonton’s NextGen,” according to its website, “is a group of young, passionate, community-minded individuals who are taking the future into our own hands by creating a city that attracts and gives voice to the Next Generation of Edmontonians.”

Hear, hear.

Tonight’s forum at The Common on 109th Street was packed with dozens of young people who clearly wanted to meet candidates for public office face-to-face and hear what we stood for. The Candi(date) concept is a clever marriage between the contemporary and the traditional. They will undoubtedly be holding similar events during the next municipal campaign.

Thanks to all who participated this evening. It was a pleasure to meet and have brief conversations with Shawn, Zohreh, Yuk-Sing, Christy, Cole, Farid, Nora, Jolene, Robyn, Stephanie, Elaine, Carly, Meaghan, Lawrence, Brian, Devin (and his un-nametagged friend), Jen, Rachael, and Ryan.

If all who participated in tonight’s forum represent what we can expect from the political participation of young people in the future I’d say we’re in pretty good hands.