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Throughout this campaign I’ve emphasized how hyper-partisanship plagues federal politics. What separates me from other candidates is that I stand for a truly non-partisan approach to politics. Unlike other Senate nominee candidates I stand for thinking seriously about issues instead of blindly following the party line with respect to what government should do to improve our lives.

This different approach is reflected well in the platform we’ve outlined. It’s also reflected well in the endorsements we’ve received throughout the campaign. I’m fortunate and proud to be able to say that prominent members of the Alberta Liberal Party, Alberta Party, and Alberta New Democratic Party have given me their personal endorsements. Dr. David Swann, Sue Huff, Arif Khan, and Shannon Phillips all have endorsed my candidacy. In addition two superb representatives of genuinely progressive conservative thinking – current Alberta Senator Elaine McCoy and former MP/Senator/UN Disarmament Ambassador Doug Roche – enthusiastically support my candidacy.

In addition to these endorsements I’m also excited to count City Councillors Jeffrey Coffman (Lethbridge), Don Iveson (Edmonton), Barry Morishita (Brooks), and Brian Pincott (Calgary) as people who will be supporting me in Monday’s election.

No other candidate has been able to show the broad multi-party support we have been able to build in the last four weeks. 

I believe the multi-party appeal of our campaign demonstrates that our theme of building the Next Alberta speaks well to the rich diversity of views and interests at the heart of contemporary life in our province.

On Monday, please join our multi-party partnership of people who want to see Alberta’s Senators be a voice for all Albertans. Help us take the first step in building the Next Alberta.