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Let’s pretend. Stephen Colbert can vote in the Alberta Senate Nominee Election. Would he vote for me?

I’m running without a party label because I believe partisanship in Canadian politics is rampant and toxic. I believe excessive partisanship is killing whatever faith people still have that politics may be about public service. Civility, compromise, and consensus are four letter words on Parliament Hill.

Colbert, my kind of conservative political pundit, said on his March 23rd show that he has a real problem with Americans who think “No Labels” is a good idea. No Labels is an organization fed up with out-of-control partisanship in American politics. It believes “poisonous rhetoric and hyper-partisanship” prevents Washington from solving America’s pressing issues. Parties are “warring clans that value defeating the other side over even the most basic acts of governing.”

The Colbert Report - Mark McKinnon and the No Labels campaignClick on the image to watch the clip

“Labels are handy,” Colbert said, “because if I have a label I know whether to agree with you or reject your ideas before you ever open your mouth.”

Shoot… I guess I wouldn’t get Stephen’s vote. I’m not wearing the party label he’s looking for. That’s not the only reason though, Stephen probably wouldn’t vote for me since I believe in peaceful dissent and want to empower ALL Albertans in politics. Ottawa should be generous, not Scrooge-like, when it comes to things such as public participation in regulatory hearings.

But here’s hoping Albertans will be more willing to listen to and support an Independent, “no labels,” candidate who feels partisan politics is crippling Canadian public life. Here’s hoping that Albertans want to support a candidate who wants the people to play a larger role in the issues that matter to them.